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88GLAM release new project “88GLAM2”

Canadian duo 88GLAM have released their 2nd official project “88GLAM2”.

It follows up from the highly coveted 2017 self-titled album “88GLAM”, and the tracklist features appearances from XO affiliate Nav and also from Gunna.

The project is available on all major digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Where you can download or stream 88GLAM2:

Spotify: https://xotwod.co/Spotify88GLAM2

iTunes: https://xotwod.co/iTunes88GLAM2

Apple Music: https://xotwod.co/AppleMusic88GLAM2

Google Play: https://xotwod.co/GooglePlay88GLAM2

Amazon: https://xotwod.co/Amazon88GLAM2

iHeart Radio: https://xotwod.co/iHeart88GLAM2

Tidal: https://xotwod.co/Tidal88GLAM2

Double rum and coke; no ice.

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