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The Weeknd releases new EP “My Dear Melancholy,”

After almost 18 months, The Weeknd has now released a new body of work in the form of a 6-track album/EP titled “My Dear Melancholy,”.

The release came somewhat out of the blue – the Canadian singer uploaded a screenshot of a text message with fellow XO team member Lamar asking if “we should drop Friday”. This was uploaded on Wednesday 28th, and we had confirmation of the project the following day.

Fans were in the dark about the details of the release – many speculated a single while some hopefuls were clinging onto the idea of an album after the past success with Beauty Behind the Madness (2015) and Starboy (2016).

Photos of a billboard in London surfaced with the project being advertised as an album, and sure enough, at midnight, the 6-track album/EP dropped on music streaming sites and iTunes.

You can listen to the new music here:

Alternatively, the official audio has been uploaded to The Weeknd’s official YouTube channel and can be watched here:

Double rum and coke; no ice.

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