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The Weeknd just dropped his 3rd merchandise release of 2017

The Weeknd has just dropped his 3rd official merchandise release of 2017 with 14 new products available.

The drop contains a variety of short and long sleeve tees, dad hats, hoodies, ash trays, jackets and sweats.

The items range from $16.00 each (the ashtrays) to $240.00 (the denim sherpa jacket) and are available to preorder now.

The products are expected to become available in September, so get your orders in at The Weeknd’s official store now to ensure you don’t miss out.

It also marks the first time that the full merchanise drop had been made available on the UK/European store, which is a great move for any XO fans in Europe as the shipping rates are considerably cheaper and import fees won’t come into play.

Let us know what you’re copping from 003!

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