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The Weeknd will not be making a sequel to Kiss Land

At the tail end of 2016, The Weeknd sat down with Beats 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe to discuss Starboy, amongst a host of other topics.

During the interview – something Abel does not do often – he explained that the only album he could ever see himself making a sequel to would be his 2013 sophomore release “Kiss Land“. Because of this, it sent a portion of The Weeknd’s XO fanbase into hyperventilation with the possibility of seeing a “Kiss Land 2”. Fans on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit regularly discussed the idea amongst themselves, creating a buzz for the unconfirmed release.

However, in a short but to-the-point tweet, The Weeknd effectively put a stop to the rumours of a Kiss Land 2:

While it doesn’t specifically mention a Kiss Land sequel, it’s crystal clear what The Weeknd was referencing. Of course, this sent Twitter into a meltdown:

The tweet received over 1,000 responses, mostly like the ones we have shown above – we could go on for a while but we’ll let you do that.

One disgruntled fan asked “Why not? Give me one good reason why you ain’t making any sequels”, and The Weeknd posted a follow up tweet with his reasoning:

A valid enough reason if you ask us.

The Weeknd is well known for leaving behind “eras” of his career when releasing new music, and this is evident in a number of his music videos where he kills his former self. A recent example of this is at the beginning of the Starboy music video.

It shows a new, masked version of himself (with less hair) murdering the suited and booted “Beauty Behind the Madness” version of The Weeknd.

Prior to this, Abel killed his former self in the “Tell Your Friends” music video.

It was always very unlikely that The Weeknd would create a follow on from Kiss Land due to his creative process, so don’t expect to see any sequels to your favourite albums any time soon.

Double rum and coke; no ice.

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