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The Daily Mail has no idea about XO

Another day, another facepalm.

Today, The Daily Mail published an article about Khloe Kardashian (who else?) and virtually punched us in the gut with this headline: “She’s a woman in love! Khloe Kardashian opts for comfort as she bundles up in a hearts, hugs and kisses hoodie after raving about her new guy”. That’s right – “hearts, hugs and kisses”.

The article reads: “But on Thursday morning Khloe Kardashian opted for comfort as she touched down at LAX airport. The 32-year-old reality star donned a black hugs and kisses hoodie and cosy trousers as she made her way through the busy terminal.

The Daily Mail – and the feature author Sarah Jones – clearly knows nothing of XO and it’s iconic branding, and has somehow managed to write an entire article about how Khloe “wears her heart on her chest”.

Khloe was in fact wearing one of the latest XO hoodies, and there’s a few snaps below.

As expected, the comment feed was what I imagine a journalists nightmare look like – scores of people informing them of their mistakes.

The hoodie is part of The Weeknds clothing range. And if you took two seconds to Google what the XO stood for you’d know it isn’t hugs & kisses *facepalm*”

nope, this is the weeknd’s merchandise, try again love”

This is ridiculous. XO doesn’t mean Hugs and Kisses. XO is The Weekend’s label and it means Ecstasy (X) and Oxytocin (O) which if combined causes overdose that’s why it is XO Til We Overdose. Do some research Sarah Jones!!! XO

This “XO” hoodie does not mean “hugs and kisses”. It’s the official “logo” for The Weeknd. XO fam would understand why this article title is ridiculous. Fix this ¿¿

Double rum and coke; no ice.

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